Sunday, January 24, 2016

Robbi & Shirl Spencer Demo Reel 2016

Robbi & Shirl Spencer Demo Reel 2016

There have been so many amazing Robbi & Shirl Spencer moments caught on film here at SE Studio Films and Future Dreams Media Corp. that we had to create a 1-hour Robbi & Shirl Spencer Demo Reel for 2016.  We really hope that you enjoy the music and them visual content that we have put together for you.  There are so many people to thank for the success of SE in whatever form that might materialize as, you all know who you are because you are probably featured in one video or another. Good News!! More Demo Reels will be released this year.  It should give you a look into the lives of Robbi and Shirl Spencer and the ever so amazing cast and crew of Secret Enterprise and DreamBender Band (not yet featured on video).

Here is a complete list of everything included in this demo reel:
  1. One and Only by Robbi Spencer
  2. December Sunset 2011
  3. Love on the Run Movie Trailer
  4. With You Music Video (Full Version)
  5. Happy Ever After Music Video Snippet
  6. Cuddlemuffin Showdown Best of Video
  7. Cuddlemuffin Showdown Season 2 Teaser
  8. SE Studios 2011 Video Logo Tag
  9. Skies Alive UFO Television Intro
  10. The UFO Report - Spencer Space Program
  11. Preacher Robs Television Intro
  12. Preacher Robs Christianity Today Interview
  13. Loser Planet Intro by Preacher Robs
  14. Robbi's Stairway Video 1
  15. Thrashin' Your Car Snippet - 93 Rock Pat Martin
  16. Robbi's Stairway Video 2
  17. The Big Blaze at SE Studios 2013
  18. Robbi's Stairway Video 3
  19. Z14 Movie Pitch Video (2012)
  20. Empty Music Video (Full Version)
  21. You Never Told Me Goodbye Music Video Snippet
  22. Future Dreams Media Film & Video Projects Presentation
  23. Chasing Butterflies Movie Promo (2013)
  24. Writing on the Wall Music Video Snippet
  25. Z14 Movie Trailer (2015)
  26. Z14 Movie Rare Raw Scene Footage (Un-Edited)
  27. I Guess You Can Say Music Video (Full Version)
  28. Girl on the Moon Music Video (Full Version)
  29. SE Studios Best Friends Music Video (Full Version)
  30. Chasing Butterflies Movie Teaser for Website (2016)

Monday, November 16, 2015


Z14 Advanced  Trailer with Behind the Scenes Footage!

It has been a while since the good folks here at Future Dreams Media Corp. have visited the footage from the Z14 shoot in 2013, but this weekend was a great time going through all of it and seeing a lot of the lost footage that no one (not even us) have seen since it was filmed.  The movie stars James Weaver, JD Ayers, Shirl Spencer and Robbi Spencer just to name a few.  It is filmed in the mountain community of Grass Valley California and besides a great script, the movie features live action and a ton of special FX!  Be sure and donate to the project when the time comes because 2016 will be the year that the Dream Team brings this to pass.  Check the Official Z14 Website for Updated News & Information.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Robbi & Shirl Spencer releases their newest single

Progressive Edge Records and SE Studios presents their very own Producer Robbi Spencer and his wife, Recording Artist Shirl Spencer knock another one out of the park. Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Shirl Spencer at SE Studios. Featuring new music by Robbi and Shirl Spencer off their up coming CD. Hope you enjoy the music and the video. God Bless!